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Jetsleeper® is recommended by The Sunday Times Good Gear Guide...

Jetsleeper® launch their new website developed by ANSCOM Business Management...


Jetsleeper® release details of new products and accessories available exclusively to Jetsleeper® customers...


Jetsleeper® announce presence at the Times Destination Travel Show in London on 30th January...


Jetsleeper® enters into partnership with ANSCOM Business Management...
Jetsleeper 1

Jetsleeper 2


£20.00 + Postage and Packing
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Buy Jetsleeper® 1 in Blue:

Buy Jetsleeper® 1 in Red:

£15.00 + Postage and Packing
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Buy Jetsleeper® 2 in Blue:

Buy spares for Jetsleeper here:

£3.95 + Postage and Packing

Buy Jetsleeper® 1 strap in Blue:

Buy Jetsleeper® 1 strap in Red:

£3.95 + Postage and Packing

Buy Jetsleeper® 1 Hook:

Next Business Day Despatch

"I slept 8 hours each way and arrived feeling more rested than after previously taking economy flights."
Mark, Hurst

"I can't bear the thought of travelling economy without it (Jetsleeper®) - together with my Bose noise cancellers it's the only way to sleep!!!"
June, UK

"We would like to thank you for this brilliant invention and we would highly recommend this product to anyone who asked without hesitation."
Deborah, Berkshire

"I do not usually sleep when flying but can honestly say that when we flew to America this year, I slept most of the way and therefore arrived quite rested."
Mrs Turnbull, Southampton

"I bought a pillow to use on a trip to New Zealand over Christmas and was so impressed I'm buying more for relatives who are about to do the same trip."
Rebecca, London

"Thank you for your e-mail - what excellent customer service! I look forward to receiving the Jetsleeper®."
Rachel, Shropshire
Thankyou for flying with Jetsleeper®

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