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Welcome to jetsleeper.com

In 2013 on a trip to Europe, we were introduced to Jetsleepers by the man who designed & invented this unique travel pillow. He was looking to find someone to take over the Australian & New Zealand sector & gave us a Jetsleeper pillow each to try on our journey back to Oz.

I have not had any luck with using travel pillows in the past and was rather dubious to say the least, infact the blow up travel pillow I had purchased prior to leaving for Europe, had failed as soon as it was out of the package, yes you guessed it ……there was a leak in the pillow at the seam.

Anyway, back to the journey home, I tried the Jetsleeper, attaching it, as instructed to my head rest (avoiding the screen at the back of the seat) & the arm of my seat. I immediately noticed that this was a very different travel pillow, in fact I could literally feel that the pillow was taking the weight of my head & holding it in place.

Before long I was drifting into sleep & managed to sleep for around 6 hours before our stopover in Singapore. In the past we have always liked to have a stopover when travelling to Europe, so we could get some sleep. This time we were booked to stay overnight at the Transit hotel at Singapore airport, the big difference this time, was once checked into the hotel we found we could not sleep as we were already very rested.

Wow…. I was impressed, does this mean we don’t have to have a stopover anymore now we know we will actually sleep in the uncomfortable seats on an aircraft? Yes, I think it does, which means more money left over for other things…..has to be a win win situation.

Living downunder means we have the longest flight times compared with the rest of the world, if I can help other people get some sleep during their flight I think you should know about it….I am sure you will love your Jetsleeper like I do.

P1010915 150x150Happy travelling  Judie & Jamie Baker